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A disciplined and repeatable approach to investing. By centralising a world class R&D team, Proto can license Australia's leadng scientific IP and commercialise it.

Develop Relationships

Grass roots relationship development.

Strategy guided by Proto’s deep bench of industry leading advisors and Scientific Experts.


Proto is identifying the best science and IP with significant opportunity for commercialisation.


Evaluate Opportunities

Leading opportunities identified by Proto, subject to deep technical due diligence (relevance of existing preclinical models, validation by orthogonal experiments).


Opportunities then screened with Proto’s Scientific Advisory Board to assess technologies, including; method of action, opportunity for composition of matter IP, regulatory protection.


Best-in-class opportunities then screened with Board of Directors including proposed financial terms.



Negotiate opportunity with university tech Transfer Offices and scientists, using well established investment structures and form documents.


Define Proto’s governance and economic rights, including board representation and majority protections.


Finalise due diligence and prepare final Investment Committee memo for approval.


Portfolio Development

Drive the pre-clinical and discovery phase through the centralised incubator, collaborating closely with the founding scientists.

Create a pipeline of early-stage biotech companies ready for Phase 1 investment from the VC community.


Proto will recycle back into the Universities to develop the next group of pre-clinical daughter companies.



Once daughter companies are IND enabled and Phase 1 ready, engage with biotech VCs such as Catalio for partnership/ Series B funding.


Early value inflection points, such as, the possibility for clinical efficacy signal in Phase I and the opportunity for Phase I trial in patient population.

Some daughter companies may be listed on the ASX as and when appropriate.


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