Investing in innovative Australian medical bio-technologies

Proto Axiom is dedicated to responsible investment, emphasising sustainable, long-term value in the enterprises we collaboratively shape. We proudly partner with Australian academics, championing their innovations and ensuring they're justly rewarded.

Our investment process

Develop Relationships

Proto zeroes in on Australia's premier scientific breakthroughs, a feat made possible by our robust ties within academic communities. Our approach is steered by an elite roster of industry advisors and scientific experts.

Evaluate Opportunities

Our top prospects undergo rigorous vetting. First, our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Strategic Advisors review them, followed by a formal endorsement from management. Only then do they reach the Board, our ultimate investment committee. During technical due-diligence, we examine aspects like the pertinence of existing preclinical models and validation through complementary experiments. Subsequently, the SAB evaluates facets such as the method of action, potential for composition of matter IP, and regulatory safeguards.


Drawing upon our extensive experience and established relationships with university tech-transfer offices, Proto approaches negotiations equipped with template terms and an ethos of goodwill. Consequently, we position ourselves to secure meaningful economic rights, including board representations and majority safeguards.

Portfolio Development

Upon finalising the acquisition, portfolio companies integrate seamlessly into the Proto framework. We offer centralised incubation, enhancing collaboration with the original academic teams. Our early-stage assets, meticulously curated, progress towards Phase-1 readiness and are primed for venture capital consideration. With a strategic stance, Proto is well-placed to redirect capital into proof-of-concept initiatives. Our proactive investment approach, reinforced by stringent corporate governance, ensures thorough oversight and consistent portfolio monitoring.

Institutional Capital

Proto boasts a formidable syndicate of co-investors, complemented by an expansive network of venture capital and pharmaceutical stakeholders. Pivotal early value markers, including potential clinical efficacy signals in Phase 1 and the prospect of Phase 1 trials within patient populations, align seamlessly with conventional investment paradigms. Exit strategies are tailored to individual assets, with select portfolio companies poised for ASX listing when deemed suitable.