Working with Proto Axiom benefits universities, institutes and researchers

Proto Axiom’s Researcher Network provides member institutes, researchers and entrepreneurs to exclusive access to our incubation platform. Our hands-on approach provides access to unique funding opportunities, such as our Challenger Summit, as well as access to leading global financial institutions.

Benefits of partnering with us

Our financing partners represent some of the largest active asset managers in the United States, Asia and Europe. While we do not enforce exclusivity to receive financing, members receive first right of view and other priorities with our partners.

Our inaugural pitch-event for researchers from Australian universities, research institutes and public health system, the Challenger Summit features over $250K in unencumbered grant financing. Entries are due by 12 July 2024.

Our Scientific Advisory Board and Strategic Advisors are made available to all member institutes and researchers. We guide all portfolio companies and their teams through all stages of development and commercialisation.

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We’re proud to partner with people and organisations who are deeply aligned with our mission.

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