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Australia's First True
Biotech Incubator

Investing in Pre-clinical research 

Australia produces world leading intellectual property in drug development and medical equipment, yet captures virtually none of the downstream commercialisation and job multipliers. This is in part due to underdeveloped domestic preclinical expertise. Proto Axiom on shores this capacity, keeping Australian IP in Australia.


Proto Axiom’s management team represents some of Australia’s most successful executives in the longevity and data analytics industries. Our board comprises the CEO of one of Australia’s largest law-firms, the co-founder of a leading international biotechnology fund, and the Managing Director of the Australia’s leading political risk firm. Our advisory boards are comprised of industry professionals such as David Sinclair, Lawrence Gozlan and Michelle Burke. 

Pipetting Samples
Grabbing Pills


Despite Australia’s strong biotech credentials, there is a distinct lack of early-stage venture capital funds to support and commercialise this science.

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