Exploring innovations and opportunities to fuel biotech advancements in Australia

Executive Summary

In Australia, the intersection of world-class scientific research and a favourable biotechnological tax environment presents a substantial opportunity. The nation consistently produces world-class intellectual property in drug development and medical equipment. However, Australia seldom capitalises on the downstream economics and associated job multipliers. One of the primary contributors to this phenomenon is the relative infancy of domestic pre-clinical expertise.

Proto Axiom distinguishes itself from traditional funds by operating as a holistic enterprise. We are steadfast in our commitment to retaining Australian intellectual property domestically. Our approach extends beyond financial investment. We offer a comprehensive partnership model for our portfolio companies, encompassing technical oversight, administrative support, future financing, and a myriad of hands-on research assistance. In effect, we on-shore sovereign capacity in pre-clinical research.

$15 million in funding. Proto Axiom leads Australia in private proof-of-concept financing.

Why choose Australia?

World-Class Science

Australia was ranked in the top five bio-economies globally in the 2018 Scientific American Worldwide Scoreboard.

Attractive R&D Tax Credits

R&D spending attracts a 43.5% cash rebate – Australia ranked by a 2016 KPMG report as among the top ten most competitive locations for R&D investment.

Favourable Corporate Tax Regime

Recently announced corporate tax cuts. Forward thinking state and federal governments.

Globally Competitive Talent and Research Base

In the 2020 edition of the QS World University Rankings for Biological Sciences, Australia had three universities ranked in the top 50 globally.

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